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Please Download This Maternal Resources PDF below:


La Isha NJ

444 Hope Chapel Rd., Lakewood, NJ 08701
732. 414.3388

Aishes Chayil Monroe (845) 783-1800

7 Chevron Rd, Monroe, NY 10950

Aim B’Yisroel New Square (845) 354-8600

728 N Main St, New Square, NY 10977


*Breast-pump Through insurance:*

Input all your insurance information and have an approved breast pump at your door within days! (Depending on your insurance, you may require a script and note from your doctor)

•Baron Medical Supplies: 

Medela Breast Pump- Same or next day delivery when covered by insurance! 718-486-6164 (Call or Text/Whatsaop)

*Breast Pump Gemachs*

•Nursing Pump Gemach- New Medela pumps avail for short term rentals. 718-853-2382

•Electric Pump Gemach Long & short term electric pumps 718-436-3919

*Lactation Consultants:*

•Sara Chana Silverstein 917-587-0262 

Sara Chana is a Master Herbalist RH (AHG), Classical Homeopath and International board-certified lactation/breastfeeding consultant (IBCLC). She is also a businesswoman, author, adult education teacher, columnist, community advocate for women and children, a wife and mother of seven children.

Sara-Chana is a consultant to many obstetricians, midwives and pediatricians and guest lectures at medical schools. As a TV personality, Sara-Chana can be seen on all the major networks and is interviewed on radio and podcasts across the country.

•Chaya Stern 347.885.2602 

Chaya Stern is a Marine Park resident RN IBCLC Who offers home visits and support for moms breastfeeding journey. Whether first time mom or seasoned veteran, Chaya has the tools to help you find solutions and the answers you seek. Chaya Stern is also a dedicated member of The La Leche League Marine Park division. 

*Kosher Milk for Kosher Babies*

•The *Kosher Milk for Kosher Babies* Facebook group provides a space where Kosher-keeping moms in need of breastmilk can connect with moms who keep the same level of kashrus and have milk to share. 

Susan Shapiro: 619.549.3039

Henna Shomer: 310.279.3315

•Mother’s Milk Gemach- In need of mother’s milk? Pick up from anywhere! 845-354-7515


If feelings of exhaustion, irritation and sadness persist past two weeks, you may be experiencing Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Every case of postpartum depression is different.

Do not be afraid to reach out for help. 

If you are experiencing postpartum depression, reach out to your primary care giver or OB today. 

Here are a few resources you can reach out to for referrals. 



We believe that quality mental health treatment should be accessible to all. Our integrated care approach addresses the entire individual: both mental and physical health. In addition to counseling, our expanded services now include health screenings, case management, peer support services, and 24 hour crisis support. 718-(277-2757)

SPARKS’ mission is to provide mothers and families who are suffering unnecessary pain with the proper care they deserve.  1 in 5 moms suffer from some form of a perinatal disorder.  The organization was created to provide comprehensive, integrated services to meet the educational, psycho-social and psychiatric needs of women suffering from these illnesses. 718-431-9501

For general inquiries

Our mission is to clarify mental and emotional health resource options for members of the Jewish community 718.483.8400

A family dealing with Post Partum Depression is a family in crisis. Kimpatorin Aid helps new mothers avoid developing Post Partum Depression, by giving them the emotional and physical support they need after childbirth. 


•Keren Alta In Memory of Alta Mina A”H Tiechtel.– Click “Pickup Form” from Menu Drop down or contact 347.316.2255 

•Baby Gemach (BP)- Car seats, Snap & Go stroller, Pack n Play, white bassinet for newborns 718-854-6829

•Zichron Gedalya- Car, infants & booster seats. 718-438-5451

•Mothers of Multiples Twin Gemach- Baby clothing for twins. Please call Leah at: 718-436-2466. Sizes NB to size 4

•Pillows for nursing mothers of twins to rent L’shem mitzvah. 718-388-4766

•Infant carrier Gemach. Mothers have your hands free so you can attend to the rest of the family. 347-742-0675

•Baby Digital Scale Gemach. Exacting weight scale for baby. Judy Braun 718-915-6612

•Layette Gemach- brand new quality layettes free of charge for newborns in need. L’iluy Nishmas Devorah Rudya bas Moshe A”H. 845-213-3646 


•Miriam’s Baby Bris and Pidyon Haben Gemach 347-930-1193

•Bris Gemach- Brand new, beautiful Bris set available. We wash before & after.
Also stunning Vach Nacht outfit. 718-633-3659 or 917-683-5557

•Bris Gemach- Bris Gemach Bris outfits & pillow Gemach in Flatbush 917-838-2191

•Bris Gemach Cards with Tefillah to be mispalel while baby cries. 718-510-5521

•Bilirubin Light- Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights


•Bilirubin Light- Rabbi & Mrs. Mossberg



•Mohel Gemach- Mohelim avail L’shem Mitzvah. 347-455-8882 or 732-598-4106

•Pidyon Haben Coin Gemach. Call Yakov Friedman. 646-419-0782 

•Pidyon Haben Gemach- Baskets for garlic & pillow, tray, center pieces, etc. 718-851-7964

•Zichron Meyer VLiba Pidyon Haben Gemach- silver plated tray, white outfit, pillow case, silver coins, garlic/sugar bags. 718-252-1517

Shaindy Weichbrod