Why Support JCCMP

The JCC of Marine Park has made a tremendous impact on individual residents, as well as on the community as a whole.

It is run almost exclusively by volunteers who truly care about helping   others.  For residents, it’s comforting to know that the JCCMP is there to provide a safety net on which to rely if the need arises.  Residents know they have an advocate they can turn to for assistance –financial, employment related, or personal.

For the various shuls, Rabbanim, and community askanim, the JCC of Marine Park provides an umbrella organization to unite the entire community and use its collective powers to effectuate change – whether on a communal or political level – to benefit the community at large.

From Project Machal to parenting seminars, to helping obtain food stamps and dumpsters erev Pesach, the JCC of Marine Park and its volunteers are always ready to assist in any way possible and ensure the continued well-being of all greater Marine Park residents.


Become a member of the JCC of Marine Park and help the community, while also helping yourself.  For a fee of $54 per year, JCCMP members are entitled to a membership card that  provides significant discounts to JCC programs and to 30 stores and vendors throughout Brooklyn – allowing the card to pay for itself right away.  You do not need to be a resident of Marine Park to become a member and enjoy these savings.